Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My stats......

My Stats

Date: Last week of November
Weight: 287 lbs
Height: 5'10"
BMI: 41.2

Date: Dec 18th
Weight: 272lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 39

Date: Dec 31st
Weight: 263lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 37.7

Date: Jan 8th
Weight: 260lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 37.3

Date: Jan 13th
Weight: 257lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 36.9

Date: Jan 21st
Weight: 252lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 36.2

As you can see thats up till yesterday and now im only going to weigh in weekly...

Weight: 35lbs
BMI: -5

I havent did measurements and now I wish I would of...

About me...

Hello, My name is Michelle im a SAHM to my 3 wonderful children. Mallorie is my oldest shes 6 but her birthday is just around the corner! Its so hard to believe my baby is going to be 7, Allison is my middle child she is 4 and will turn 5 in May, and that leaves last but certainly not least Elliott my baby...well hes really not a baby hes 2 but he will always be my baby. We live in Ontario, Canada where its mighty cold right now and we cant wait for warmer weather so we can get camping again!!! Both the girls go to Avenue Road school and we love this school very much. I work there now too as the Kindergarten Supervisor, its only a few hours a week but it gets me out of the house....

Now onto the reason for starting this blog......My weight! I have been over weight most of my life and its just time for a change.. I started going to the YMCA in September working out and lost a little bit of weight but nothing significant. I wasnt watching what I was eating so it wasnt coming off like I had hoped. October and November were very slow months as I didnt work out much. December was coming up and I knew Christmas was going to be hard on me so really didnt start dieting till after Christmas had past.

Starting the end of December I was quite sick and its carried on into January. This has been a big part of my weight loss. But I have been watching what I eat this time and its just coming off so much better then in September!

Next Blog will be my stats..............