Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My stats......

My Stats

Date: Last week of November
Weight: 287 lbs
Height: 5'10"
BMI: 41.2

Date: Dec 18th
Weight: 272lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 39

Date: Dec 31st
Weight: 263lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 37.7

Date: Jan 8th
Weight: 260lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 37.3

Date: Jan 13th
Weight: 257lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 36.9

Date: Jan 21st
Weight: 252lbs
Height: Same
BMI: 36.2

As you can see thats up till yesterday and now im only going to weigh in weekly...

Weight: 35lbs
BMI: -5

I havent did measurements and now I wish I would of...

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